Links for Church Planting and Simple Organic Church

Most of these books and websites relate to the Luke 10 model of church planting. In Luke 10, Jesus sends out 72 disciples, two-by-two, into the towns and villages. Their goal is to find a 'man of peace', enter his house, heal the sick and preach the kingdom to this unsaved man and his circle of friends thus establishing a house meeting of new believers.

The Luke 10 model of church planting is different from the traditional model of church planting, in that it becomes a rapidly multiplying house church movement. We call these house meetings of new believers 'Harvest Houses', to distinguish from 'house churches' that originate from existing believers leaving institutional churches to form simple organic house church networks. With Man of Peace Harvest Houses we are looking at reaching the lost in the harvest and discipling them in their homes. These Harvest Houses need to continue to multiply as they reach more people in the harvest. These rapidly multiplying Harvest House planting movements lead to forceful advancing and establishing of the Kingdom of God. However, many of the principles that are practiced in simple organic house churches pertain to Harvest Houses and should be used. The goal is to follow and obey the commands of Jesus into the harvest as we embrace His ‘new wineskin' model of multiplying in the harvest, rather than an anti-institutional church attitude.

Recommended Books:

1. Church Planting Movements by David Garrison
During the mid 90’s, the Lord highlighted Luke 10 to various missionaries in Asia. Independently from each other they applied these concepts, and very soon multiplying networks of house churches were bringing in a great harvest of souls. David Garrison was sent to investigate this new phenomenon and his findings were published as a booklet that can be downloaded for free (click here). We highly recommend reading it, and also to order the full length version (click here).

2. An Army of Ordinary People by Felicity Dale
A collection of real life testimonies of ordinary believers starting man of peace house churches here in America. It is a very engaging book.

3. Rabbits and Elephants by Tony and Felicity Dale
A very insightful book examining how simple systems multiply far more rapidly that complicated systems in the harvest.

4. The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun
This is the incredible testimony of how God raised up brother Yun for harvest in communist China This book will give you great insight into how the church in China has grown to over 150 million believers through multiplying church planting movements.

5. Houses that Changed the World by Wolfgang Simpson

6. The Starfish Manifesto by Wolfgang Simpson

7. Dr Frankenstein and World Systems by Bob Mumford
This book will help you understand some of the forces that are at work in the world and in the church to hinder God’s work.

8. The Harvest by Rick Joyner
This book is a collection of prophetic visions about the harvest that the Holy Spirit gave Rick Joyner in 1989. The Holy Spirit used this book to ignite in us a vision of the harvest and to prepare us for what the Father is doing in and through us today.
Here are some resources that will help you in reaching the lost. Scatter the seed of the message of the Good News/Gospel of the Kingdom as far and wide as possible, so that you can reach as many as possible. We recommend that you do the 'door-to-door' prayer outreach for evangelism, because you are looking for the 'man of peace' and you want to enter their house to disciple them with their cluster of family and friends. Remember to be intentional about making sure that you get people saved, baptized with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and baptized in water. Your aim is not just getting as many people saved as possible, but to disciple them in their homes and getting them to reproduce and multiply new disciples. So learn from these different ministries and use all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and all the tools available to you to co-labor with Jesus in the harvest.


1. Church Planting Movements

2. Church Multiplication Associates (Neil Cole)