Mt. Pleasant, MI Outreach Report
November, 2011

We would say that we have seen at least two hundred people give their hearts to Jesus and nearly as many receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by speaking in tongues. Many people have chosen to be baptized in water for the first time and many have asked to be baptized in water, totally immersed, because they were sprinkled as infants. It has been an exciting time of seeing the body of Christ come together as we go out to save the lost, see them baptized in the Holy Spirit, and then see them baptized in water.

We have been meeting every Saturday morning for the last seven months, going to specified areas in Mt. Pleasant to share the good news. We go door-to-door in teams of twos and threes. We first ask people if they have anything we can pray about, and then we ask them the Million Dollar Question: If you were to die tonight, do you know for sure that you would go to Heaven? Nearly every person we have spoken to over the last several months takes the time to give us a prayer request and an answer to the Million Dollar Question. The power and presence of God literally shows up at the doorstep, and many times physical healings have occurred immediately through our laying on of hands for the sick. We have a group of 20 to 30 people from eight to twelve of the local churches who participate in this outreach, and we have been meeting several nights a week on the campus of Central Michigan University, as we really believe the Lord wants to touch the 20,000 plus on the CMU campus.

We are so thankful for Hamilton, Helena, and Izak Filmalter of River of Life Ministries, who spent nearly seven months with our team here in Mt. Pleasant. They were very instrumental in teaching, training, and leading us into the harvest and harvest homes. Our boldness level has risen immeasurably, and we wake up each morning with a new sense of expectation and excitement about what the Lord is going to do.

When we began this adventure, we wondered what would happen to all of the people that got saved. Hamilton and Helena helped answer that question by teaching and training us to do Harvest Homes. This has been one of the most recent and exciting developments, as we have now started fourteen harvest homes, with six to eight more ready to open in the next three weeks. The purpose of Harvest Homes is to more rapidly multiply souls for Jesus and see the Kingdom of God pushed forward at a faster rate. We are discipling people within the harvest homes and as we do this they are inviting their unsaved friends and relatives to the Bible studies. It is absolutely fantastic! We are believing for Jesus to come into the heart of every person in this city, and we will not stop in our pursuit of this goal.

God is doing a new thing in the body of Christ, and it really looks much different than anything we have been accustomed to before, as far as church life. We pray that you will catch this vision and run with it in your city, as God is literally all over this! He is calling every person in the body of Christ to go out into their community. We have found that as soon as we go, wherever we go on any particular day, the Holy Spirit shows up in a very powerful and anointed way. It is so exciting!

God's richest blessings to you!

In His love,

Jim and Shirley Conway
1505 Lyons Street
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858