San Francisco, CA Outreach Report
April, 2013

These testimonies are from the Sunset District in San Francisco. About 28 people from several churches and ministries went out in teams of three for about an hour and a half. Over two weekends at least 18 people got saved, with a few receiving the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. There were several healings too. The team is following up to start harvest houses.

This was an awesome experience. I am a third generation Pentecostal Christian. Although I have participated in street outreach (with no results), I have never experienced the success in winning someone to Jesus as in using the Harvest Training method. The structure was simple and easy to follow with confidence and great results. The elation of praying with a complete stranger to accept Jesus as their Savior and to receive the Holy Spirit in speaking in tongues, brings great joy! Finally, I was able to give to my heavenly Father the one thing He desires most, a lost soul. You know I have a great cheesecake recipe that I know like the back of my hand, and it comes out perfect each time. This experience has created such a confidence in me that I know as I practice and use this training over and over my life will be a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. God has been so good to me, thank you for showing me a way I can give back to Him.
In Jesus Name, Lillian

Short version: It works because it’s based on the Bible, without all the extra stuff we tend to throw into evangelism. Bit longer version: I come from a background where we like the big outreaches that we practice 3 months for, invest a lot of time and finances to go out into the city for few hours and lead a service out in the open, with few people that might talk to us and ask for prayer afterwards. Because of the work put in, we require a month off to recover from the outreach. This on the other hand is, purely biblical in its form doing what God has called us to do, minus the extras that cost a lot of money and preparation, and sometimes negatively affect our results in the harvest. You go, you minister, and most importantly raise disciples by having them imitate you, and not you preaching at them in hopes they go out in to the harvest. But you have them do like you have just done in front of them, and as result you ACTIVATE them right then and there to do the same work you have been called to do. It's decentralized, and highly flammable for multiplication and growth of the church of Jesus.

Having completed fist year of Supernatural School of Ministry, a Christian of over 15 years, Sozo trained as well as undergone much personal inner healing ministry and a diligent student of the Word, I found myself frustrated with the lack of confidence and knowledge of my authority/calling and identity in Christ. I now realize that I often busied myself behind the scenes, in a subconscious effort to forfeit opportunities to share my faith or lead others into a saving faith in Jesus Christ, due to my lack of understanding. After attending the Fire in the Harvest Training at the SFHOP in April, I took some time to review the material. I was absolutely amazed with the overwhelming clarity in which the Gospel is revealed. Not only in the way the Gospel is revealed, but also in my role as a royal priesthood and the simplicity of executing that role. I've been immensely blessed to sit under Pastors Hamilton and Helena Filmalter's teaching/anointing/mentoring and am looking for ways to present and bring it into my spheres of influence. I am currently working with my pastor to make the Fire in the Harvest teaching part of our School of Supernatural curriculum. I recommend the Fire in the Harvest training for every believer at every stage of life. I believe it is imperative to equip the saints with this foundational and very complete compilation of truth as clearly revealed in Scripture. I now find myself stepping into a whole new world of understanding, confidence, vision and fruitfulness. I feel it was a key missing component to my Christian development. I am happy to report that I am in the process of raising up two harvest houses and am confident more are just a knock away.
Blessings, Liz

"I had always wondered if it were possible to get inside houses and see whole families come to Christ like in Luke 10. Many of the people that most need salvation and healing are locked inside their own homes and you won't seem them in public places. This training was a dream come true as I saw direct fruit from what we were learning. I now realise the genius of Jesus's methods in the Gospels as a blue-print for last days urban inner-city evangelism in the global west."
Dr Daniel, MD

Dear Brother. Blessings for your life and your wife. Well what I understood at the seminar we had with Evangelist Hamilton. Was that the most effective evangelism to win souls for the Kingdom not do it in the streets, because we do not know where they live, but if we find at home have the opportunity to see them again. Well this for me was the best I received and understood during the seminar. It fulfills what our Lord said in Luke 10 instead of coming to us , we to go to them. Well this is all and blessings to your life.
Pastor Enrique